I write literary fiction, humorous fiction, memoir, essays, a satirical column, and countless to-do lists.   I travel a lot.

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Etsi me aliquando bilem movere oportuit, neque illi officio defui; tamen officio posthabito risum interdum movere malui.”  – Decanus Petrus

“Bitterness was sometimes my duty/Nor did I neglect my duty/ But above and beyond all duty/Is the gift of mirth./Nor did I neglect my mirth.”*

*translation by Christopher Morley from a 1949 private edition of The Man Who Made Friends With Himself by Christopher Morley (Doubleday).

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  1. Every few years I wander back to The Angel Carver. I have arrived again. It connects with me in a way I have yet to figure out, but I always enjoy the read.

    1. Hearing from someone with an enduring connection to Angel Carver means a great deal to me. Thank you very much for taking the time to be in touch. Angel Carver, Awaiting Grace and the book I’m just tidying up as I write this are, in a way, an extremely loose trilogy.

  2. I have not read Awaiting Grace, but I will as soon as I finish rereading Angel Carver. Then I will await your new one. There are very few shoe repair people around anymore; but whenever I do go to one, I feel as if I know them, and I smile.

  3. Ok, just finished Angel Carver again, and this time I finally figured out my connection to this novel. Actually, Jack sums it up early in the story when he says to Leopoldine, “Then I would say there was justice in this world.” Ah yes.

    Other books have been ordered. Thank you for a great read and reread.

  4. I’ve just found The Angel Carver at a book sale…oh my goodness what a wonderful book. Thank you so much for this gift .

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